Friday, January 25, 2008

Mindless Rambles, Part 2

So I'm sitting here typing away to all my online friends on the La Leche League forum and I just happen to look up and see the several Person to Person Registration Forms from the APDA Young Onset Center that Keith has posted up. They are from other PWYOP that Keith can get in touch with. There is a space where you can list your children and the year they were born. All the kids listed on all of these forms are the same age as me! (snicker, snicker!)

The mail just came. I am expecting several packages. Is it pathetic that I've been waiting for weeks, but I don't want the mailman to know how "desperate" I am for my stuff, so I wait until he goes ALL THE WAY DOWN THE ROAD to get the mail?

When Keith and I snuggle at night, or when I roll over next to him in the middle of the night, I find it oddly comforting to feel the slight tremors on his left side. Is that weird?

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