Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mindless Rambles, Part 1

It's ten minutes to nine in the morning. I have approximately ten minutes before my daycare kids arrive. Ten minutes to get this done. Ten minutes of peace.

Rielly-Anne is still sleeping upstairs with Keith. Rough night for all involved. Rielly-Anne is teething, Keith was restless, I was grouchy. There just isn't enough room anymore on our queen bed for two adults and a 13 months old. Time to start transitioning her to her own bed.

Showed Keith the last thing I posted because I was worried he would read it and get upset. I wrote about thinking things that could hurt him, so I don't tell him, then I turn right around and blog about it where he can read it. But there's no real point to any of this unless I am completely honest. But I wanted him to hear it from me instead of reading it on here.

Seems to be having trouble lately remembering to take his meds at night. Actually, the problem is remembering whether or not he took them. In the morning it's fine - he takes them on his way out the door to work. Then he's got an entire stash of meds at work. He takes those during lunch. He usually takes his evening pills around dinnertime. But here's the problem - he likes to leave his pill bottles out on the counter so that he knows he already took them. But I can't just have heavy duty meds lying around with all the kids here all day, and what would my daycare parents think of that?? So I always put them away in the cabinet, thus causing him to forget whether or not he took them.

Why won't Keith use a pill reminder?? I think he thinks that they are for the very old and/or very sick. I guess he's gotta take a stand where he can, know what I mean?

He is upstairs in bed this morning because he closes tonight. His cell phone has been ringing like crazy all morning. I know it's work calling. Has to be. No one else bombs his phone that way. I get so irritated at the way they call him day and night, every day. I know it's what makes him such a good manager, but come on! He's gotta have a life too!

I hear him stirring upstairs. Guess the baby woke up.

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