Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Finally, A Breakthrough!

For Christmas I bought Keith the book Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox. Keith is a huge Fox fan and since most of the book is about his struggle with PD, I thought Keith would really enjoy it. I also had an ulterior motive. Fox is very upbeat about his battle with PD. At one point in the book he writes, "This was the lesson: it wasn't for me to fret about time or loss but to appreciate each day, move forward, and have faith that something larger was at work, something with its own sense of timing and balance." I was hoping that Keith would pick up on this and snap out of his depression/denial that he swears he doesn't suffer from. Lo and behold! It worked!!!

Keith actually highlighted that quote in the book. He suddenly seems genuinely interested in taking charge of his health, of PD. He's called our local support group. He is making preparations to start his own support group for early onset patients. He has ideas on how he can integrate that group with a weekly aquatics class. He seems to have found his strength, finally. He is optimistic, truly optimistic for the first time since his diagnosis. He has a new spring in his step. He is finally ready to fight.

I pray that it lasts. I am so thankful that he has finally gotten to this point, but I worry that it's just a high he's on from reading Fox's book. Okay, Mary, stop! Who's the pessimist now? Time to just be happy he's where he is and just move on . . . .


keepthefaith1296 said...

I, too, am married and have YOPD. I struggled early on but now am full throttle in the fight. I oppose taking the life of the unborn as well so I am at a conflict within. Faith is where I find my strength. Check out my site @ www.keepthefaith1296.com


Mary said...

Darien -
Keep the faith - I feel confident that we will find a cure without the use of embryos!

I will check out your site. Thanks for the link!