Monday, July 21, 2008

New Support for Keith

When we were in Richmond for Ride Against Parkinson's, Susan gave Keith the name and number of a lady close by who has just recently started a Young Onset support group. This is wonderful news for Keith, who has been attending our local support group for PD.

The problem with the "old" support group is just that - it's old. All the PWP who attend are elderly. Keith is totally out of place. He enjoys going and meeting everyone and listening to the guest speakers. But he has picked up a vibe of hostility and resentment from almost everyone else there. They are nice and polite to him, but I don't think they like someone young and active among them. It just reminds them that they are not.

So the new YO support group looks promising. It will be held on Saturdays, which means the kids and I can attend if we like. Keith is looking forward to it, and any time that he get excited about a PD related event makes me happy!


Dirty Butter said...

I'm glad he has found people he really feels comfortable with. Since I am one of those white haired ladies, I can understand that he would feel out of place, with nothing in common with most of them. Not everyone is as much of a maverick as I am. LOL!!! That's why I don't try to go to those kinds of support groups, either!!!

Mary said...

I guess you have to be at a certain place in your life and with the disease to really get much out of them, though this particular group has some awsome guest speakers. Still, we think the YO group will suit Keith much better!