Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dr. Cregon's Reply

I heard back from Dr. C just hours after sending him an email. He was precise and informative. According to Dr. C, breastmilk has been proven to prevent and lessen illness and disease in individuals whose immune systems are not fully developed - infants. It has not been proven to have this affect in adults, though some swear of its healing powers. Dr. C believes that in cases of adults benefiting medically through the use of breastmilk, it has much more to do with the placebo affect than anything else. But, just as they can not prove its ability to heal adults, they can not actually disprove it either. And because there are about 100 elements in breastmilk that are currently unknown or have yet to be discovered, scientists continue to study it and its many benefits, and how it all can be used medically. He would love it if Keith and I could participate in any one of his clinical trials.

Keith and I would love to participate in his trials, but they are all in Australia. And while I respect Dr. Cregon and admire the work he has done, I think I disagree with the whole "placebo affect" idea. I have seen breastmilk calm nausea, clear up pink eye and ease a painful ear infection. I just don't think the placebo affect theory works when children are involved. If I squirt a drop or two of breastmilk into a 5 year old's ear, you'd better be sure he's going to let me know if his ear still hurts an hour later. The same with pink eye. You can physically see that. You can physically see the breastmilk "cleaning" the eye and clearing the infection. But after all that, I'm just not entirely sure that it would do anything for Keith aside from pumping him full of natural vitamins and antibiotics. I really am undecided on this. He's game for it and I really want to try, but . . . . .now I know that breastmilk itself can't cure PD. The stem cells would have to be remove from the milk and harvested and grown according to what is needed. But a huge part of me firmly believes that because there is so much still unknown about it, there is a good possibility that it could benefit him in some significant way. I'm just not sure it I want to do all that pumping.

Guess I'll have to get back to ya on that one . . . . . .

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