Thursday, April 24, 2008

He Finally Found One!

Okay, so maybe in "Confessions of a PD Wife, 2" I was a little unfair about Keith being physically active. Afterall, he does work some 50 hours a week, and he is very active around the house and yard. He certainly doesn't sit around all day. It has been pointed out to me that for months he has been searching for a good, used exercise/weight machine. So I admit to being a bit unfair about what I previously posted.

The problem has been finding the right weight machine for the space we have available. We have no space available, so it would have to be really, really small, but still have all the functions and stuff on it that he needs. Well, last week he finally found one! YAY!!

It is small, but it will fit in the shop, (and on the porch if he needs to move it there temporarily to work on a vehicle) and it has everything he needs to work his legs and arms. He's really excited about using it!

(stay tuned for the post on whether or not he actually uses it!)

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