Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolutions of a PD Wife

1.  Make time alone without the kids on a regular basis a priority, no matter how tired I am.

2.  When I ask Keith to do something for me or need to give him a directive (hand me the remote control or the book doesn't go on that shelf, it goes on the one above it), stop repeating myself in an irritated manner when he doesn't move as quickly as I'd like.

3.  Don't wait until he asks for the foot rub, offer instead.

4.  Stop insisting he exercise all the time.

5.  Learn to better trust that he knows what is going on with his body more than I do.

6.  Be more patient and understanding with him in all that he does, says, thinks and feels.

7.  Show more appreciation for all that he does for our family.

8.  Keep my tone of voice in check at all times, no matter how stressed I am.

9.  Keep a written account of all his medications, side effects and symptoms.

10.  Stop waiting for the other shoe to shake.


KEITH said...

I really like this.....especially the last one !
Love you - Shaaky

Lynsey said...

Perhaps find a moment for yourself too in the middle of this...?