Monday, December 21, 2009

Finally, SNOW!!!

Yeah!!  After ten years on barely getting a sprinkling on the ground, we have a upwards of two feet in some locations!  The kids are going to have a blast playing in all this snow, especially Rielly-Anne!

The downside is that Keith in NOT going to have a blast shoveling all this snow.  It's hard enough on a younger, healthier man to shovel.  I saw on the news last night that shoveling snow is the most difficult thing you can put your body (namely your heart) through.  So I begged and begged Keith not to, but of course, he did.  Stubborn 'ole mule!  He didn't get far.  Some of the porch, some of the patio, a tiny little path to the shop.  I guess it was good exercise for him.  He is learning when to stop and take rests and when to quit entirely.  It's never easy to admit that you can't do what  you used to, especially when you have PD.

 I have to give a huge THANK YOU!!!!! to our wonderful neighbor Dave and to Bryan, for helping Keith get to his car that he parked at the top of the hill, and for helping him get it home.  Couldn't have done it without you guys!!!


One Life said...

Mine too! And that was *after* I found him out in front dangling precariously off the roof (okay, on top of the big extension ladder, but no better on my adrenaline!) putting up Christmas lights. That one went sort of like this:

Daughter: "Do you know what your crazy husband is doing?"

Me, fixing lunch: (What the heck is that banging on the roof??) "No, what?"

Daughter: "Hanging off the chimney putting up MORE Christmas lights!"

Word verification today: messess. "At least when he does things he doesn't make messess."

Mary said...


When will they ever learn?