Monday, June 23, 2008

We're Back! And Other News

We are back from vacation and gradually, slowly and grudgingly easing our way back into the real world again. We had a great time at the beach. Keith took Hailey on a charter fishing boat for a half-day fishing trip. They didn't actually catch anything they could keep - a few little fish and Hailey caught a squid! But they had fun and that's what important. We also went to the water park, a go-cart speedway amusement park, got some ole' time photos done, and of course, we had fun on the beach. Rielly-Anne was sick for most of the trip, thanks to her "food allergy" thing, but she was still able to enjoy herself. So now we are all just as tired and worn out as we were before our vacation, only now it's because we had so much fun.

Hmm . . . .what else? . . . . . . Oh yeah!

Keith and I have decided that we are, in fact, going to have another baby. So we are officially trying again, though this time around we are taking the "it'll happen when it happens" approach, rather than the "charting, taking temps, actively and aggressively trying to get preggers" way we did it before. So it's a toss up as to when it will happen, especially since I am still nursing and pumping around the clock. Guess we'll see . . . . .

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