Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We'll Be Back, Promise!

Just wanted to let you all know that Keith and I will be back to blogging soon! Keith has been very busy with work and getting things down around the house for me. And now that school is out, I've got several more daycare kids, which really cuts into my afternoon free time that I normally spend blogging.

We are getting ready to go on vacation, but we will have a couple days of down time when we return, so I'm sure we will be blogging some then. I have soooo much to blog about! There will probably be about 15 new posts on here in a couple weeks. So please stick around - we'll be back soon!!!!


One Life said...

Have loads of fun on vacation... and don't give a thought to work back home! Hope you guys have a blast.

(We WILL be expecting lots of good stories, of course) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mary, I do miss seeing messages from you and Keith.

I have a new dotcom. Would you post it as a link for me?

I want to thank you and wish you a great summer. Dan in CA