Sunday, March 9, 2008

Why Nestle?

I have a long standing hostility towards the Nestle Company for their blatant violations of the World Health Organization's "Code." I don't buy Nestle products and to the best of my knowledge I don't support/use/visit any Nestle Company/Nestle Foundation facilities or products. But it seems I now have one more PD related issue to be conflicted about.

The Nestle Foundation, which was established in 1966 by a huge donation from the Nestle Company, is a big supporter of Parkinson's research, and has given thousands of dollars in grants to various PD related causes, such as funding to find a cure.

So as much as I hate Nestle and will continue to boycott them, I've gotta say they've done some remarkable things for PWP. I can't deny the fact that they played a huge role (monetarily) in the breakthrough finding of the cause of Parkinson's. Still, the conflicted selfish part of me wonders why they can't just stick to candy and (gasp!) formula.

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