Friday, February 25, 2011

Exciting New Website for PWP

Data Driven Health is an interactive online journal that keeps track of medication, dosages, and on/off times for PWP.  The site was set up by Meg and her older sister, who is a Young Onset PWP.  I was asked by Meg to check it out and report my opinion, and I have been happy to oblige.

When I first heard about Data Driven Health, I expected some sort of chart or graphing device, a space for journal entries, maybe an FAQ about Parkinson's Disease.  Boy was I wrong!  I am happy to say that I have been blown away by what Meg and her sister have put together with Data Driven Health!

Although Keith and I haven't actually used it yet (we can't wait to get started!), we like what we see. The site is free and anonymous, and its jazzy, professional design is pleasing to the eye, which definitely gets two thumbs up from me.  It's high-tech yet user friendly and geared to benefit PWP and their caregivers.  According to the description on their website -

Patients have freedom with accuracy

With our innovative new system, patients simply log into their account, and easily enter their medications with dosage times, dyskinesia, ON/OFF times, moods, and journals. Everything is automated. This means no more missed entries, inaccurate times, or worrying about bad data. Finally, an error-proof and reliable way to collect critical information from patients, in real time.

But what impressed me most about Data Driven Health was that physicians can have direct access to their patient's information.  The possibilities are limitless!  Imagine if you could simply leave a message with your doctor to check your data, and when he/she does, there it is, all your on/off times, dyskinesia, dosages, and much more!  PWP may have the option of never again having to write everything down or try to remember it all each time they visit their neurologist.  And, the neurologist may have a far better view of what is actually going on in the body of their patient.  That alone makes Data Driven Health an invaluable resource for all PWP.   Data Driven Health states -

Doctors get immediate and accurate results

The patient's primary doctor can access any information entered by their patient. Not only can this information be accessed, but easy-to-read charts are automatically generated and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Zoom in, change dates, print reports all from any place with an internet connection. Enormous amounts of time saved means more efficiency and better patient care.

Keith and I can't wait to put all our information in and get started! Once we've used Data Driven Health for a month or so, I will give another review.  I encourage you all to check it out!

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