Monday, November 10, 2008

Consider the film SHAKEN as a holiday gift!

Deborah Fryer of Lila Films is offering a HUGE discount for all PWP and their family and friends who wish to order the film SHAKEN. If you order online the price is $150, which is the price for medical schools, PD organizations, libraries, doctors, etc. But if you are a PWP (or a family member or a friend) you can contact Deborah directly to get SHAKEN at just $29.99!! That is quite a big savings!!! Support groups can purchase SHAKEN at a discount as well, for $75.

Because every 9 minutes someone is newly diagnosed with PD, Deborah will donate 9% of proceeds back to the PD cause! How wonderful is that! (Be sure to reference "Life With Shaky" or "Mary Sullivan" when ordering).

Click on the SHAKEN link to the left of the screen for more information, or contact Deborah at -

I am putting together a list of institutions and organizations that I will soon contact to purchase SHAKEN. If you would like to add yours to my list, please contact me through the comments section of this blog, or by email -

We are looking forward to lots of sales!!!!!

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