Monday, June 23, 2008

Cure For PD Could Be Found In BREASTMILK

Michelle and I were talking recently about trying to get our guys to be more healthy. We started talking about vitamins and how Omega-3 (DHA) does wonders for many PWP, as it reportedly slows the progression of the disease. That discussion led to us joking about sneaking Keith a fruit smoothie made of my breastmilk. Funny thing is, it's not a joke.

Michelle did some more research and sent me two wonderful articles. The first article is really important to someone like me, who doesn't believe in embryonic stem cell research. According to the article, Dr. Mark Cregon, founder of the Lactation Biology Laboratory at the University of Western Australia in Perth, and member of the Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation, discovered that breastmilk contains stem cells.

Dr. Cregon . . . . believes that breastmilk will be harvested in an effort to find a cure for Parkinson's Disease, diabetes and a host of other illnesses. [Though further research is needed, he] found that some of the cells in breastmilk have the ability to become multiple cell types.
Wow!!!! So not only does my breastmilk provide immunities and nourishment for my kids, it also has potential to cure my husband of Parkinson's Disease!
Michelle also sent me an article from Science News, dated January 5, 2008, vol. 173. no. 1 p. 13 -
Molecule from breastmilk can improve mental function in dementia
Given intravenously, a molecule found in breast milk can improve mental function in people with dementia and in victims of stroke and traumatic brain injury.
According the article, researchers at the University of Palermo in Italy tested the molecule, GPC, in 2, 044 stroke victims. GPC improved the neurological functioning by 27%, as well as improved their memory, attention and orientation.
Good stuff! All joking aside, I had decided I would sneak Keith some breastmilk in the form of a smoothie or milkshake, but then I got to thinking - Keith just isn't squeamish about breastmilk. So why hide it from him? I talked to him about it instead. I presented the facts, and based on our conversation and what we both know are the benefits of breastmilk, he's decided to give it a go. We haven't tried it yet - I'm currently trying to build up a good enough supply so Rielly-Anne can share with him, and still have some left over if I should get pregnant, but I'll keep ya posted. I'm very interested to see what happens.

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