Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Proud Hands

We've just received in the mail our copy of Proud Hands! I read almost the entire book standing in my kitchen with a baby on my shoulder and another tugging on my jeans. ;)
What a great book! It is very inspiring to see so many wonderful PWP determined to fight and live their lives according to their own terms. But it's not just that - so many have worked to bring attention to this disease. So many have made it their mission to raise funds for research, and help educate the public. I have found new sites devoted to supporting others- USA PD PALS and through that, Daily Strength. I have seen how much is possible with PD, from the Young Onset patients to the elderly.

Some of my favorite passages:

When Parkinson's hit,
I couldn't just sit
Like a rusty old ship docked at port.
Cheryl Majeske

I do not question why I have PD. I accept it, move forward, and gain strength from it.
Kelly Maurer

I try to stay as active as I can, but some days my body won't allow it. That might be something I may never have control over again, but my attitude is another matter altogether. I have learned that having the right attitude, and a lot of faith, makes almost anything possible.
Lou DeCaro

I know that my hands are in God's hands.
Marilyn Ferch

Who knows what the future holds, but I am making the most of the present.
Lori McWilliams

I don't know how long this will last, or what the future holds for me, but I'm determined to cherish every second of my life, take time to appreciate the beauty of the morning, the shape of clouds, and embrace those I love.
Elena Tuero

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Lori Mc said...

Mary A.~ So thrilled to hear that the "Proud Hands" book was inspirational to you! I enjoyed your blog and hearing the perspective of a caregiver.

Giving God the Glory~
Lori McWilliams