Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Did You Happen to Notice?

. . . . just how bad Keith looked yesterday?

For the first time, someone other than myself, Bryan and Hailey actually saw the way Keith looks when PD hits full force. My dad was here yesterday and was able to witness what Keith looks like after working in the yard all day. Most PWP know that if they attempt anything strenuous, they are pretty much done for. Keith had been doing a few things here and there around the yard - just little projects that I had given him. It wasn't anything too difficult, but enough to make the average person feel like they'd really accomplished something. It took a toll on Keith.

When my dad showed up, all of Keith's symptoms were exaggerated. He was stooped over more, he was very shaky, he was moving very slow, and his face was nearly frozen in a droopy, saggy expression. My dad never said anything but he had to notice. How could anyone not notice that? I'm going to ask him about it and see what he says. I'll have to post about it - it will be very interesting to see how my family reacts to this disease and Keith as it progresses . . . .

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