Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Am I Worth?

For years the question from Keith has always been How will I provide for my family if something happens to me?  We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our family will be taken care of should the worst happen.  We have prioritized, and the life we now live reflects what matters most to us.  We purchase used vehicles, don't use credit cards, paid off our debts, and bought a lot of life insurance.  For Keith.  You see, to Keith the worst that could happen would be if he left me in a home I couldn't afford without any money to pay the bills, buy groceries, raise the kids. For me, the worst that could happen is if I left him with all the kids, plus PD.

Keith is wonderful with the kids, but let's face it - he just can't do all the stuff that I do.  There is a huge gap in the energy levels alone.  Raising three kids, homeschooling, keeping up the house, running all the errands and doing all the chores, working a full time job, plus dealing with a degenerative neurological disorder might be a bit much for the man to handle alone.  Therefore, a hefty amount of life insurance is in order should anything horrible happen to me.  But how much?  What am I worth?

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Mary said...

A very good question and very pointed and is the answer.
And that is the truth.
What is so frustrating is that we live on next to nothing, don't need a lot and compared to most families we would be set to life if we won just a small lottery , not millions....
In any case though my dear wife, we will be OK. Love you for all you do.