Monday, November 22, 2010

Confessions of a PD Wife, 3

1.  I'm tired of waiting for a cure. I want to take Keith to Lourdes, France and pray for a miracle.
2. Sometimes I want to blog about certain issues that I feel are important to PWP, such as money, sex, and hygiene, but I don't out of respect for Keith's privacy. 
3.  I freak out every time Keith forgets something, because I think dementia is setting in.
4.  I want to take over the lawn care so Keith won't have to worry with it, but I still have not learned how to operate the riding mower.
5.  I am beginning to feel the pangs of sacrifice, though they are Keith's, not mine.
6.  I feel guilty thinking that I don't do enough for Keith.  It's difficult to accept that he doesn't want me to do everything for him.
7.  I have not done a very good job in keeping up with Keith's nightly foot massages.
8.  I am pleasantly surprised that Keith is able and willing to do more with two young girls than he was with just one.
9.  I secretly look for physical signs of PD in Bryan.
10.  I have come to realize that the cognitive issues related to PD are going to be much more difficult to manage than I originally thought.

1 comment:

KEITH said...

I love this series of your blog because I always learn something from reading them. I suppose I should answer on my blog, but some may not click over so here you go baby:

1. I could not make the trip to France without a ton more Levodopa and I would rather take you to NYC instead while I still can...
2. Thanks, that is so nice of you.
3. Well, I am still running a $2 million a year retail store sucessfully and have lots and lots of other stuff on my mind too. If demetia comes, you won't have to look for it. Relax and enjoy us while we can, OK ?
4. I LIKE mowing, I can show you how to do it in an hour.
5. That is sweet. I know, I feel them too, every day.
6. You will get your turn, be patient, not yet.
7. No ! You have not. I still love you for saying it though !
8.Me too ! And I love it and all my girls ! Thanks for the compliment.
9. Sure hope not, shouldn't be.
10. Sorry. I know. It'll be OK though.

To the love of my life may your words help and heal and reach those that need reaching !