Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Quick Note

I haven't had time to blog much lately. We've just recently returned from a little mini-vacation over Mother's Day. We went to the beach. It was cold and windy, but heck, a short, cold vacation is better than no vacation at all! I have also planned a huge weekend - we are having a huge "girls only" sleepover on Friday, then I'm throwing my sister a baby shower on Saturday, so I've been up to my neck with planning and preparations. I'm having a lot of fun, but I don't have time for much of anything else.

I do want to quickly add that Keith has been working out! Yay!!!!!
He is still not up to the point of working out daily, but he making the effort to do it at least a few times a week. It's a start, right? And a good one, I think. I'm certainly not going to complain, especially when he is so active with everything else.

I hate to say this because I know how it's going to sound, but I am actually more at peace when I see that Keith is exhausted and worn down - but ONLY because I know WHY he is that way. Of course, it's because of PD, but I know that when he gets to that point it's because he has been very physically active, which is a good thing. I don't want him to be exhausted, I don't want him to over-do it, but it does make me happy knowing that even with PD, he is still getting around and working.

Yesterday he worked really hard on his new Camaro and then mowing and weed-eating the yard. Normally that kind of activity would leave him trembling and in terrible need of a nap, but he actually seemed to be holding up very well! I don't know why - maybe it's the workout he's now doing weekly?

I'll be back to post more on the topic next week when things settle down a bit. (now off I go to stuff party favors!)


IndyMama said...

Hello! I think we with Parkinson's can become very stubborn. :) (I'm fighting with my father now on things relating to his disease that he's just being stubborn about.) Most PWP will report a benefit to their symptoms as they exercise, even though it's so exhausting to exercise. I don't know if it's a stress-relief thing, or a dopamine thing, or what, but it isn't uncommon for symptoms to be generally improved.

Where did you get the book that you mentioned?

Mary said...

I think what I'm seeing with Keith is what you'd see with anyone, PD or not - the more you exercise the more stamina and strength you have. The fact that he does have PD and it has helped to improve some of his symptoms is an added bonus. A HUGE added bonus!!!

The book is called Proud Hands, distributed by the American Parkinson's Disease Association. You can order it at

One Life said...


How old is your husband? I think I'm in a similar situation as you...

Mary said...

One Life -

Keith is 52. Please feel free to email me at any time! :)