Monday, December 31, 2007


In the beginning there was a man named Keith. He had a wife named Mary, 23 years his junior. Keith and Mary each had a son from previous marriages, named Bryan and Hailey. They were very much in love. Soon after they married they decided to have a baby. While they were pregnant with a little girl Keith was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. The news was sad, to say the least, but not surprising. Keith had been developing symptoms for PD for quite some time. It started with a bit of restless leg symdrome at night, then a quiver in his jaw, a little trembling in his left hand. His posture was stiff and stooped and he rarely moved his left arm at all. So it was actually a relief to finally get a confirmation on what Keith and Mary already suspected. It was time to move forward - to get aggressive with treatment and learn to control the disease. It was time to make changes to their future plans and strategize on how to best provide for their growing family. It was time to take inventory of their lives and what really mattered. It was time to begin their lives anew - to begin life with Parkinson's Disease.

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